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May 17 2014

Why are your cigarettes so cheap?
We have an opportunity to offer all our customers lowest prices due to favorable tax policy pursued in the countries where all our products are produced and cheap labor cost.

Where are your cigarettes are produced?

Cigarettes we offer are produced in Europe and comply with all requirements and standards adopted there. There are 10 packs in 1 carton (200 cigarettes). Prices you see at SuperCigarettesShop.com are per 1 carton. 

In which countries do you ship your products?
Currently we ship to USA only. Follow the news on our site to be updated about any changes in our country list.

Korean Esse cigarettes are available as ultra low tar model.

Esse smokes are produced be the Korea Tomorrow & Global Corporation (former - Korea Tobacco & Ginseng co.). This company holds 63% of the total tobacco products made in the country. The company also produces some other tobacco brands except inexpensive Esse cigarettes. KT&G manufactures cigarettes with the most advanced modern industry technologies producing 140,000 million cigarettes per year. There are also cigarette-producing facilities in such countries as Turkey, Iran, and Russia. The KT&G is known for using new technologies, different kinds of filters and strict quality control during creation of smokes.

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